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Boer goats

The Boer goat (lat.Capra aegagrus hircus) is a species of artiodactyls from the genus of mountain goats, a family of bovids. Boer — this word comes from the Dutch "Boer" and means a farmer.

Body constitution 

The weight of adult males reaches 110-135 kg. Females are slightly lighter — 90-100 kg. The color of this breed of goats: the body is white, the head is brown. In the reserves there is also a more varied color. These goats have a wide chest, and the back is also wide and long. In general, they have a stocky body with a strong ribcage and a large, oval-shaped head. The horns of the representatives of this breed are of medium length, curved back. The ears are large, drooping. In appearance, the Boer goats are reminiscent of the Nubian goats, they have the same drooping ears. The coat is smooth and short. The advantages of this breed are disease resistance and the ability to easily adapt to different climatic conditions.


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The Boer goat breed was developed at the beginning of the 20th century. This is the result of crossing some breeds brought from Europe and India to South America. The place of primary crossing is Latin Africa. Now this breed has gained great popularity and spread throughout the world. 

In the wild it lives in mountainous areas with sparse vegetation and low shrubs. Therefore, in conditions of home keeping, Boer goats are unpretentious to food, they make do with poor pastures. They eat hay, various grains, root crops, vegetables, fruits, and love a variety of greens. The way of life of the Boer goat is gregarious, females retire only during the period of birth of young animals. The life span of the Boer goat is about 15 years.

Fun Fact

Eyes are unusual to the Boer goat. Pupils are narrow, horizontal. This arrangement of the pupils provides the goat with a view of more than 300 degrees around itself.

Boer goat in Animal Park

This adventure lover makes contact with ease. Loves food and attention from park visitors. During the quarantine, It stopped eating — It was bored. She ate only in the presence of Mikhail — the guardian angel of the pupils of our petting zoo. Come to visit us: it will give you a real feeling that you are needed, to our goats — their appetite will improve!