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Domestic rabbits

Rabbits are a mammal of the hare family. Rabbit is a generic name for some subspecies of hares. The ancestor of domestic rabbits — domesticated in the VI century AD. e. a kind of wild (European) rabbit. Rabbits and hares differ in that:

  • The former are born blind and without fur, and the latter are sighted and already protected by fur.
  • Rabbits live in deep and complex burrows, and hares live in terrestrial and simple burrows-nests. Walk on fingers.
  • Rabbits are more social animals, they live in groups. Hares are larger than rabbits, their ears are longer, and their fur color has black markings.
  • The wild hare is impossible to tame.


Body constitution

  1. Body length varies from 20 to 50 cm. 
  2. Ears are more than 10 cm long.
  3. Fur is long, soft, with shades of brown, gray or dark yellow.
  4. Tail is short with brown markings.
  5. The hind legs are disproportionately larger and more powerful than the front ones. 
  6. Number of toes: on the front 4, on the back 5. The toes are armed with claws. 


Half of the wild rabbit population lives in North America. The second half of the rabbits live in Western Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Japan and the island of Sumatra. The natural habitat of the rabbit is clearings, forests, meadows, deserts and wetlands. The rabbit does not live in most of Eurasia — this is the original habitat of hares. 

The rabbit feeds on grass, vegetables, fruits, cereals and root crops. Rabbits breed rabbits all year round. Ovulation in females occurs after mating — on any day of the month. Pregnancy lasts about 24 days. Up to 5 rabbits are born in one lambing. Their sexual maturity occurs at 3-4 months. The life span of a rabbit is about 10 years. Large breeds of rabbits, such as Belgian Flanders, live less than dwarfs. 


Rabbits in Animal Park

In our park rabbits fulfill the mission of living decoration. They are ubiquitous and are always ready to perform 2 natural functions — to eat and reproduce. In between things, the rabbits pay attention to the guests of the park. Come visit us to watch the rabbits — they are the life-affirming manifesto, which is capable of manifesting in the most amazing forms!