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Mini-piggies or dwarf pigs became very popular as pets. Mini piggies are descendants of the Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs. There are about 30 species of dwarf pigs. On average, mini-piggies weigh up to 20 kilograms, but the representatives of the smallest breeds can weigh just 6-9 kg in adulthood. Pigigies may be of different colors, with age the color may slightly change to darker. They live about 12 years with proper care can live 15 years.

Dwarf pigs, as well as the usual domestic ones are omnivores. They are quite clean they are easy to train to relieve themselves in a special place. Mini piggies do not cast the coat and do not have unpleasant smell. Dwarf pigs love to swim, so you can wash them periodically in the shower, or let them swim in a filled bath as in the pool.

Mini piggies are sociable, active and interesting animals. These animals are perfectly trainable and can learn how to perform simple commands. When training mini piggies, keep in mind that the only promotion, that they recognize is food. It is necessary to walk with a mini-piggy very often it's good for her health and development. Dwarf pigs are day animals, their daily routine is usually the same as yours, so they will not prevent you to sleep at night. Very quickly they get used to the owner and miss the owner when he's not at home. Mini-piggy is an excellent pet to keep it is no more difficult than a dog or cat.