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Animal Park is an interactive educational area for children

The petting zoo «Анімал Парк» is open primarily for parents who care about the development of their children. Children raised in the concrete jungle of cities have little understanding of what wildlife is and how to treat its inhabitants. Tactile communication with the pets of our zoo will reveal to children the main secret of life - that it is diverse, fragile and very inventive in its manifestations!

Pets for Animal Park are selected in such a way as to become a safe and informative source of knowledge about wildlife for our guests. The guide accompanying the children, by his own example, shows the children how to communicate with animals - carefully, respectfully and with love. 

The mission of «Анімал Парк» is to reveal the secrets of wildlife to children. This means - using the example of parents to teach children to love and take care of their smaller brothers. In our park, animals can be fed, stroked and played with. There are special contact pads for games there. So, together with the touch of real life, kindness, responsibility and love arise in a child's heart!

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In contact zoos, as a rule, farm animals are kept - piglets, chickens, goats, horses and sheep. In addition to the pets familiar for the European continent, our zoo contains exotic pets - alpacas, kangaroos, lemurs and monkeys. Parrots, pigeons, emus, swans, peacocks and pheasants, as well as noses, raccoons and lemurs, add even more variety. In total, about 30 species of animals are represented in Animal Park.

The variety of our contact pets is selected in such a way that our guests can find a companion with a suitable temperament for themselves.

We invite you to visit our Park! Call your child and friends with you, after 2 hours of communication with wild animals - you will return home as other people!

Communication with animals in children causes strong emotions. The ability to experience strong emotions and the ability to manage them are two parts of a happy adult life for children!

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