Be closer
to a surprising
animal world

Animal Park is an interactive educational area for children.

Our petting zoo is open to anyone who cares about the development and upbringing of their children. As you know those children who have grown up in the bustle of the city, want to learn more about nature and feel a lot of positive emotions by studying it. Our animals will be the first source of knowledge about nature, personal contact with them will help in the development of a careful and caring attitude to the animal world as a whole. The task of the Animal Park is to reveal little secrets of nature to the child and teach to love and take care of our smaller brothers. After all, here you can feed, stroke and caress pets, and even hold in hands the small inhabitants of the zoo. Only by a touch to real life kindness, responsibility and love is born in children’s hearts.


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As a rule farm animals are kept in the contact zoo. In our zoo you can play with the pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits and goats. You can stroke pet sheep, alpacas, kangaroos or talk with parrots, enjoy the beauty of peacocks. You can ride the pony and feed the cute raccoon. Beautiful birds will delight your eyes and the touch to gentle alpaca you will never forget. You will be surprised by kind and cute goats, who are happy to contact with you. Look into the kind eyes of a monkey and lemur.

Visit our petting zoo and get an ocean of unforgettable ​​impressions. We are always happy to see you and your children!


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