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Terms of purchase and return of tickets

How to buy a ticket at Animal Park

To buy a ticket, you must choose from the offered ticket by clicking the appropriate button. After filling out the electronic forms with contact information, click the "Buy" button — the system will take you to the payment page, where you must either enter the details of the payment card, or scan the QR code in order to make a payment through Privat24. All that remains is to confirm the payment.

After successful payment, you will be sent a ticket by e-mail. The ticket will be accompanied by a letter containing the ticket code. The code must be presented on the water at Animal Park. The ticket code can be presented both in electronic form — on the screen of your smartphone, and in printed form on paper.

How to return a ticket to «Анимал Парк»

  • Return of unused tickets and money paid for them is possible within 14 days from the date of payment of the ticket.
  • You cannot return a ticket purchased under special conditions (promotions, special offers, etc.).
  • In order to return the ticket and receive the money paid for it, you must apply with the appropriate application verbally, digitally (to e-mail) or in writing to the administration of Animal Park. The application form can be arbitrary.