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White peacocks

White peacock (lat.Pavo cristatus mut.alba) — common peacock, albino. Belongs to the order of chickens, the pheasant family. Albinism is a consequence of a genetic disorder. Which is characterized by the fact that the individual completely or partially lacks melanin — a pigment that is responsible for the color of hair (feathers, wool, fur), skin and iris of the eyes. A distinctive feature of the albino peacock is its white color and tail feathers — long, decorated with "eyes".

Body constitution

The peacock is a rather large bird, which, with an abundance of food supply, rarely changes its range.

  • Length — 100-125 cm.
  • Tail length — 40-50 cm.
  • Body weight — 4-4.5 kg.


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The historical homeland of the peacock is India. Thanks to the bright colors of the color, this bird has become a symbol of the highest caste of Brahmins. The peacock also symbolizes longevity and wealth. The peacock feeds on food of both plant and animal origin — fruits, berries, plant shoots, crops and seeds, as well as insects and small invertebrates. Life expectancy is about 20 years.

White Peacock and Animal Park

The albino peacock is our most colorful resident. Due to the fact that this peacock is always given a lot of attention, he realizes his importance and uses this to be the first to receive delicacies.

Our white pet has a very balanced character, it spreads around the atmosphere of deep immersion in itself, which is transmitted to the visitors of our park in a sense of peace and harmony. To meditate, come to our park, the white peacock will help you achieve your own Zen.