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Usual Goats

Goats are representatives of small cattle. One of the most important features of these animals is their main advantage it's simple diet and living conditions. That is why goats are successfully bred in almost all climatic zones. They are mobile, sociable, quick in respond to changes in the environment. Often they perceive the person as a member of the herd or the leader.

The goats have a narrow muzzle, moving lips, sharp incisors; thanks to this they use pasture more fully, for example, than cows. Their stature allows them easily to overcome the steep slopes, to climb the steep rocky areas, to move quickly.

The breeding of goats, give such products as milk, meat that is unique in its properties, raw materials, wool, hides. Goat's milk is in many respects superior to cow’s milk. Goat's milk does not cause allergic reactions. The goat down is a special and almost unique category of wool by its properties. Products made of it are beautiful, soft, light and very warm.