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Pigeons (lat.Columba), they are also real pigeons — a genus of birds of the family of pigeons — the only modern family of birds of the order of new-pygmy birds. Man tamed a wild rock dove more than 5 thousand years ago. 

Throughout history pigeons have been used as a source of food and tool of communication. Currently, pigeons are distributed all over the world, with the exception of the polar countries of the Arctic and Antarctic. They live both in the wild and in human settlements — in megacities, for example. In addition to 280 species of wild pigeons, there are more than 800 species of artificially bred breeds there. 

Body constitution

Pigeons are relatively small birds. Their fundamental difference from most birds is that they retained the ability to fly. The average body length of pigeons is 30-40 cm, the wingspan is 50-70 cm, body weight is 200-400 g. The color is mostly gray, but there are black, white and brightly colored species of pigeons. 


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Pigeons lead a diurnal lifestyle, with a sufficient food base — sedentary. They live in flocks, during the breeding season they nest. Food is of vegetable origin, the diet of pigeons is made up of seeds, grains, fruits of fruit trees and berries. Pigeons that live in cities, consume food waste.  Pigeons breed with eggs. Their life expectancy is from 5 liters to 10 years. 

Pigeons in Animal Park

In our zoological park decorative pigeons are kept, the most numerous of which are blue-gray pigeons (this is a type of domestic pigeons). You can distinguish them from savages by their fatness and a ring on their leg. Park pigeons are not afraid of people, they perform various tricks, thus, attract the attention of park guests in order to get goodies — seeds directly from their hands. Come visit us to watch them.