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Shetland ponies

Shetland ponies are the ancestors of domestic horses, which were implemented from mainland Europe to the Shetland Islands 2.5 thousand years ago. For thousands of years, horses have adapted to the local harsh conditions, so that isolation has formed a breed of shetland ponie, a characteristic feature of which is a small body constitution and high endurance. At home, shetland ponies are used for agricultural work. Representatives of this breed are suitable for teaching children to ride. They are stress-resistant and undemanding to the conditions of detention. And also this breed is distinguished by health and longevity.

Body constitution

The shetland ponie breed consists of two subspecies, which differ in phenotypic characteristics. The first ones have a thin bone and a tail set high. The latter are stocky, with symmetrical proportions reminiscent of a percheron. The coat of both subspecies is short, dense and uniform throughout the body, shedding in spring. The hair on the back of the neck and tail is long. The length of the body is about 120 cm, the height at the withers is up to 110 cm. Body weight varies from 150 to 175 kg. The most common colors are black, gray, bay and piebald.

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At home, shetland ponies do the heavy lifting of haulage in challenging terrain such as the mountains. In the process of selection, this breed has developed such a quality as human orientation. This quality allows shetland ponies to be used as guides for people with disabilities. It feeds on ponies, like horses, on hay, grass, oats, wheat, barley and oat husks. Without proper exercise, stottish ponies are prone to obesity. The lifespan of a shetland pony is up to 35 years. The registered record is 45 years.

Shetland ponies at Animal Park

They are our calmest pets. Their Zen state is capable of enduring any whims of children. The presence of ponies in children arouses curiosity, and the fact that horses can be small and tame is admiration! Come and visit us to give yourself and your children 2 hours of transcendental tranquility.