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Vietnamese pigs

The Vietnamese pig (Latin Sus scrofa domesticus), also known as the pot bellied pig, is a common domestic pet for the European continent, the ancestor of the domesticated 7 thousand years ago, a wild boar.

Body constitution

Features of the Vietnamese pig: a slightly flattened patch, small protruding ears, squat limbs, a wide chest and a sagging abdomen to the floor. The length of the Vietnamese pig is from 0.9 to 1.8 m, weight is 70-80 kg. Adult breeding males can weigh 150 kg. There are 15 breeds of domestic pigs. Prized for communication and delicious meat.

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Daytime. Herd, hierarchical. With a sufficient food supply — territorial. Vietnamese piglets are unpretentious in keeping. They are not bored in their own company, but willingly share their living space with people and other pets. The pig feeds mainly on plant foods. Its life span is 20-30 years.

Vietnamese pigs in Animal Park

In the park pigs make a mess so that our other pets look neat against their background. The Vietnamese pot-bellied pig is a must-see resident of tactile zoos. In our park, it is who creates the atmosphere of the grandmother's yard in the village — tranquility and tranquility.