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Cochin China chickens

Cochinchine (fr. Cochinchine) is a meat breed of chickens. Endemic to Vietnam (the region of the same name — Cochin Khin — in the Mekong Delta). To Europe the Cochinchin breed was brought by French in 1843. The peculiarity of this breed is its large size, low fertility, lush and bright plumage — these are the characteristics due to which Cochinchin is kept as an ornamental bird all over the world. 

The body constitution 

Kokhinhin is distinguished by a dense physique, thick plumage, «pants» grow on the legs. The head is small, the crest is leaf-shaped, single (with several teeth). The plumage color of adults can be fawn, black, white or variegated. Sexual dimorphism: males are noticeably larger than females, and their plumage is brighter and more magnificent. In roosters, the metatarsus are located in the lower part of the legs, which form bony outgrowths — spurs. The tail plumage of hens is shortened, rounded.


Way of life

Cochinkhin lead a terrestrial, nesting  and flock way of life. They are unpretentious to the conditions of detention. Feed on Cochinquin, like domestic chickens, with small seeds, grasses and leaves, worms, insects and even small vertebrates. They reproduce with the help of fertilized eggs. One clutch can contain from 6 to 12 eggs. The bird is calm, phlegmatic, prone to obesity. Cochinchin retain their hatching instinct for a long time and take good care of chickens. Life expectancy is 7-9 years.

Cochinhin in Animal Park

This breed of chickens are obligatory residents of interactive zoos. Cochinchins are not afraid of people, and their hypertrophied instinct of motherhood extends to children, around whom the hens walk and cluck carefully to drive away the cockerels. In children Cochinquin evoke vivid emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime. Come to visit us, take your children and friends with you. The ability to experience and manage emotions is the key to a happy adult life for children.