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Cameroon sheep

Cameroon sheep is a medium-sized breed of sheep that does not require special growing conditions. In autumn they are overgrown undercoat, which goes after the winter, so the Cameroonian sheep do not need to be cut.

One of the features of the breed is a high fertility. The most common color is brown with black abdomen, head and legs. Pure black and black-brown sheep are also common when the main color is black, and the head, abdomen and legs are brown. Cameroon sheep live 10-12 years.

The peculiarity of the structure of the upper lip of cameroon sheep allows them to graze even poorer tall grass pastures, they can "cut" the grass very short such grazing significantly improves the fertility of these pastures.

Cameroon sheep are very popular in Europe, they can be found in various zoos, mini zoos and pads.