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An alpaca is a domestic cloven-hoofed animal, resembling an undersized lama with a mild and long fleece (on the sides its length reaches 15-20 cm). The color of this species has more than 24 natural shades.

Alpacas are bred in the highlands of South America (the Andes), in Ecuador, southern Peru, northern Chile and western Bolivia. Here again there are also wild alpacas. Alpine pastures, were alpacas are grazing are located at the altitude of 3500-5000 meters above sea level. In nature alpacas live 15-20 years, in zoos they live to 25 years.

Alpacas like camels can do without drinking for a long time. Their main value is their extraordinary alpaca wool which has not fat constituents and therefore does not attract dust, and is 7 times warmer than sheep wool. It does not cause allergic reactions, so is widely used in the manufacture of baby products.

Alpacas from birth are very inquisitive and peaceful animals.

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