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Alpaca (Latin Vicugna pacos) is a domesticated mammal of the camelid family. The size of the alpaca is much smaller than the closest relative of the llama, but due to physical strength and endurance in its homeland - Peru - the alpaca is used as a draft animal. Height at withers 0.9 - 1 m, height at head level - 150 cm, body length - about 1.4 m, weight - 80 kg.

The alpaca has a somewhat pointed head, this feature allows it to reach the grass growing between the rocks in the mountains. Alpacas have a long (up to 38 cm) coat, it is soft, hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool is used to make national warm soft blankets, clothes and accessories, which are traditional for Peru. 

Alpaca wool is stronger than sheep wool. Natural coloration ranges from white and yellow to black. These animals are very inquisitive from birth, if not too curious. They actively use their sense of smell. Alpacas have a gentle disposition and predictable behavior, unlike their camel cousins. They do not spit at people, but only at each other, for example, when fighting for access to food.

In nature, there are two types of alpacas:

  1. Suri (Latin Suri).
  2. Huacaya (Latin Huacaya).

For the former the wool is long and hanging in the form of braids, fjr  the latter it looks like a soft plush.


Alpaca — contact zoo Animal Park

Alpacas are bred in the highlands of South America (Andes) at an altitude of 3-5 thousand meters. Their range occupies isolated territories in Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

Alpacas are not only grown for their valuable wool, but are also loved for their appearance and docile nature. 


In nature, alpacas feed on herbaceous plants, leaves, shoots, moss, salt marshes. They also love a variety of vegetables, fruits, root crops, and eat hay and various grains.

Alpaca in the petting zoo Animal Park

Alpacas are our most communicative pupils. They participate in the rehabilitation program for special children. Very hardy and stress-resistant. So, come visit us to meet our alpaca pets named Barbie, Lord and Lucy!