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The guinea pig

Guinea pigs (lat. Cavia porcellus, which means «little pig»), taka keivi or kevi — representatives of the most numerous family (40% of all mammals and 2365 species) of rodents. The attitude of guinea pigs and pigs is the same as for the sea — none. 

The noun «mumps» describes the belonging of rodents to the genus of mumps of the mumps family. The adjective «marine» describes their origin — an adapted German word meerschweinchen —«overseas». These rodents are called marine in Russia and Germany. At home, in the Andes mountains in the South American countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia), guinea pigs are called Kui, in Western Europe — Peruvian pigs, and in Great Britain — Indian pigs. 

Guinea pigs were domesticated over 3 thousand years BC. e. The reasons for domestication was the palatability of animal meat. Decorative guinea pigs became the Spaniards of South America after the conquest. Brought to Europe, the nobility began to keep guinea pigs as decorative exotic animals.

Body constitution

There are 22 known breeds of guinea pigs. The local Inca tribes were engaged in sectioning these rodents even before the conquest of South America. The selection continues to this day. The average body proportions of guinea pigs vary from 5 to 140 cm in length, and from 6 cm to 50 cm in height at the withers — we are talking about the breed of the smallest and largest breeds — skinny and capybara. The color of the cavy or kevi also ranges from light brown to dark brown top and cream-white belly. The color is heterogeneous. The coat can be long (for sheltie, texel), short (for selfies and crested) or none at all, like baldwin and skinny.

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Guinea pigs are sociable, trusting and good-natured. They are easy to tame and respond to their own names. Make purring sounds like cats when petted. They communicate with each other using chirping sound signals, of which there can be up to two dozen. Each sound has a strictly defined meaning, for example, warning of danger or to indicate a place where food is. The life expectancy of guinea pigs is 4-8 years. It is dangerous for these pets to fall in great heights more than 50 cm.

Guinea pigs in Animal Park

Little pigs are favorite animals of small children. With which the pets of our Park easily make contact. The presence of guinea pigs delights children. The trust of animals causes a surge of emotions in children, which children learn to manage — this is the key to raising children to care for our smaller brothers.