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Mini-pigs, aka dwarf domestic pigs, are an artificially bred breed of laboratory and decorative indoor animals, the ancestors of European wild boars and the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. For these miniature pigs, breeders have yet to formulate uniform breed criteria. The breeding process continues, its goal is to breed micro-pigs. Despite the fact that these are pigs, they are very clean, smart and friendly. Ideal as companions. Suitable for keeping in city apartments and in families with small children.

Body constitution (adult)

Although mini-pigs are considered miniature, their height at the withers can reach 70 cm, and in length — more than 120 cm.The average weight is about 50 kg. The fact is that these crumbs grow up to 2 years, after which they begin to get fat. And therefore, so that the mini-pig does not turn into a maxi, it is kept on a certain diet. The flip side of the diet is the activity of pets. For the owners of mini-pigs, this means that pets need to pay attention — to move with them. The color of these adorable pigs can be completely different — from black to white and speckled.


Animal Park – Міні-піг


Mini-pigs don't live in the wild. Their home lifestyle is daytime, preferably kitchen and bedding, social, although they do not get bored in their own company. They feed on mixed (vegetable and animal) food of kitchen origin. Pamper mini-pigs with vegetables and fruits. They live up to 17 years.

Mini-pigs at Animal Park

Their role in our Park is to communicate with guests and create a creative mess. Mini-pigs get along well with children. In the process of communicating with animals, emotional intelligence is activated in children, thanks to which today's children in adulthood become successful and happy. Come to visit us!