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Lama lives in areas of the South-American mountains covered with grass and bushes. Lamas confidently walk up the steep alpine trails and rocky ledges. Lamas, unlike horses and mules, easily withstand the low pressure and a smaller amount of oxygen in the thin alpine air. Lamas are friendly and patient animals, but often they are stubborn. It is little known about lama’s behavior in group because they are now found only in domesticated form. Lama eats only plant food, often it eats different kinds of herbs and perennials, shrubs interrupted by the young twigs, leaves and buds, does not give up lichens and other vegetation in their native highland areas. As a camel, lama can survive without water for many days. The liquid that food contains is enough for lama to meet its natural need in water.

Lama coat is of low quality, so from it more often made of rope.