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The Wallaby kangaroo

The Wallaby kangaroo is a kind of reddish-gray kangaroos. Therefore, they are often called red-gray wallabies and Bennett kangaroos. Word Wallaby is the name of the kangaroo, which was given it by the natives who lived in the past on the territory of modern Sydney.

Unlike conventional Australian kangaroos, wallabies are smaller, so they sometimes are kept as pets.

Their main body color is dark brown, and the throat, belly and chin are lighter. Wallaby Bennett live in tropical rainforests of Australia, feed the leaves of shrubs, trees and grass. During the meal they stand on four legs, sometimes rising to the rear, to explore the surrounding area.

Kangaroos Bennett is agile animals. As a rule, these representatives of the brown-gray kangaroos are very careful. They are well adapted to the environment climate changes and moving. In addition they much easier tolerate low temperatures than the heat. For example, even in their natural habitat they come into the open only in the early morning or vice versa in the evening when the sun has already disappeared.

Wallaby can be kept as pets, they are quite easily tamed.