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Hunting (common) pheasant

A common pheasant is a domesticated species and valuable hunting bird. It is distributed from Turkey to the Primorsky Territory and the Korean Peninsula, from the Caucasus to Middle and Central Asia, and from China, and from the south-east to the north of Vietnam.

Hunting pheasant is one of the most famous feathered birds of our fauna. The favorite habitat of pheasants, are the thick, tangled vines and, preferably, thorny shrubs: thistle, blackberries, hawthorn, mixed with thickets of reeds in the flood plains of rivers flowing through the open space covered with steppe vegetation. They feed on seeds, berries and small fruits. They built their nests on the ground. Life expectancy in captivity is up to 6 years.

A pheasant is a large long-tailed bird. Its size is about as the size of a domestic chicken. Male and female pheasants differ greatly from each other. A male is painted brightly, and a female is sand-brown with dark tips on feathers. Common pheasant is a very cautious and timid bird. He is trying to escape at the first opportunity. It runs and jumps very well. It is considered one of the best jumpers among the gallinaceac. At the same time, the pheasant cannot fly very well.

In Ukraine pheasant breeding is carried out quite successfully.

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