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Cameroon sheeps

Cameroon sheeps (lat.Ovis aries) are artiodactyls (lat.Artiodactyla) mammals (lat.Mammalia) of the genus of sheep (lat.Ovis), the family of bovids (lat. Bovidae). The breed was bred on the African continent, in the Central West Region (Cameroon). One of the oldest goat breeds. The history of the origin of the breed is more than 10 thousand years old. Due to his communicative nature, it is an obligatory resident of zoos. 

Body Constitution

Morphological — a medium-sized sheep, adapted to survive in the arid regions of the Earth. The climate of the region of origin of the Cameroon sheep has formed one feature of this breed — it is the undercoat, which grows in the fall and disappears in the spring, and therefore these sheep do not need to be sheared. 

Another feature of the Cameroon sheep breed is high fertility: 2-3 lambs are born in one year. Body length — 60-70 cm. Height at withers — 41–58 cm. Body weight — from 23 to 39 kg. Cameroon sheep have adapted to jump high and climb trees. This is the reason why Cameroon sheeps are also called tree goats. 



Daytime, terrestrial, gregarious. Natural habitat — savannas and semi-deserts with low bushes. The Cameroon sheep feeds on fresh grass, branches, cabbage, grain, beets, carrots and apples. They are very fond of boiled potatoes with mixed feed, chopped oats, fresh Jerusalem artichoke and corn. A small amount of whole grains must be present in the daily diet. Life expectancy is 10-12 years. 

Cameroon sheeps in Animal Park

They are agile, affectionate, intelligent and sociable animals with a calm character. Our pets know how to do tricks — this is how they attract the attention of park guests. Come to visit us to recharge with their life-affirming energy.