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The petting zoo "Animal Park" invites you to the New Year's holidays


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"A person who believes in a fairy tale will one day get into it because he has a heart" . XIV Dalai Lama

Plots of fairy tales in which animals play the main roles unfolds around animals, although the animals themselves are humanized. People in the "fairy tale of animals" are presented as newcomers to the strange world of anthropomorphic animals. This world is ruled by animals according to laws that in the human world are either encouraged or highly condemned - ridiculed. 

Animal tales are one of the oldest forms of narrative, found in all cultures and throughout human history. At the dawn of civilization, animal tales were used as an example of the qualities of animals that people admired and feared. Using the example of animals, storytellers popularized the socially acceptable behavior of people, as a rule, this is the ability to overcome difficulties in the name of the ideal - fearlessness, kindness and a sharp mind, as well as self-sacrifice for the sake of a higher goal.

Fairy tales about animals, the plot and characters of which are borrowed from real life, are used as a means of exposing social conflicts, in particular, and human behavior in general, and the storyteller, moreover, remains immune to censorship, while the audience, reading between the lines, understands what the tale is about - what real people and events the narrator is referring to. The most striking example of a fairy tale about an animal is "Little Prince" (fr. Le Petit Prince) - an allegorical tale-tale, the most famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery about a boy who, together with his friend, Fox, visits various planets in space, including the Earth. The tale addresses the themes of loneliness, friendship, love and loss.

From ancient times, in which such a literary genre as a fairy tale was just emerging, nothing has changed to this day: observing wild animals, people can also see themselves. To watch the animals you can come up with your own fairy tale, we invite you to visit the Animal Park petting zoo (Kiev, VDNG) for the New Year holidays. Two hours spent in the company of animals will give you the strength to spend a week in the company of people!