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Scottish cattles

Highland (English cattle.) — it is a Scottish breed of cattle characterized by long horns, short stature, body balanced proportions, bangs falling over his eyes, and long wavy hair of different colors, which creates the impression of a teddy. These morphological characteristics give the Scottish cow the appearance of a huge toy.

Body constitution

In contrast to the plush appearance, the stocky body constitution of the Scottish cow is adapted to survive in the harsh conditions of the Highlands, where winters are cold and winds are strong. The length of the body of the Heilen breed of a cow is 150-180 cm, the height at the withers is 110 cm. The body weight of cows is 400 kg, of bulls — up to 700 kg. Wool — long, uniform, color — black, spotted, red, yellow or bun. The fringe protects the eyes from UV rays, rain and snow and helps prevent insect-borne eye infections.

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Lifestyle — diurnal, gregarious, herbivorous 

The Scottish cow is endemic to the North Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides. This breed has been exported to the northern and central latitudes of Europe and North America. Due to its origin, the Highland breed of cows can self-feed in areas with sparse vegetation. Sexual maturity of Scottish heifers occurs by the end of the third year of life, gobies — by the beginning of 3 years. The lifespan of Highland cows is 25-30 years.

Scottish cow in Animal Park

First of all, it is a landmark and a symbol of Scotland, and secondly — of our Park. The Highland breed must have a pet in parks and reserves. In our residence, this breed of cows plays the role of the keeper of the hearth, which with its dimensions inspires respect for our other pets, and thanks to its calm and sociable nature, creates an atmosphere of confidence around itself. Come visit us to be amazed at how inventive nature is!