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Patagonian maras

Maras (Latin Dolichotis), they are also Patagonian hares or pigs — a genus of rodents (Latin Rodentia) of the mumps family (Latin Caviidae). Endemic to the New World — South America. One of the four largest rodents on Earth. The peculiarity of the Patagonian hares is that they really have the hind legs of a rabbit. 

The genus of mar consists of 2 species:

  1. Patagonian mara (Dolichotis patagonum).
  2. Chakoan mara (Dolichotis salinicola).

Body constitution of Patagonian pigs:

  • Body length — 60-80 cm. Tail length — about 4.5 cm. Body weight — up to 16 kg.
  • The fur of the Patagonian mara is dense, short, uniform throughout the body. 
  • The fur color of the upper body is gray, the lower part is off-white.


Animal Park – Патагонська мара


Way of life

The natural environment of the Patagonian Mara covers the Argentine steppes in the southeast of South America, mainly in the subtropical zone, in the region of the mouth of the Rio Plata — these are the so-called pampas. These rabbits are diurnal, colonial and terrestrial. During the day they roam in groups in search of food, and at night they sleep in holes and crevices one by one. Maras feed exclusively on plant foods — cereals, herbs, tree roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and bark. They breed once a year, from August to December. 2-4 babies are born. The life span of a mara is up to 14 years. In the conditions of reserves and parks, Patagonian hares live up to 20 years.

Patagonian mars in Animal Park

Patagonian mars are very shy by nature. They are almost impossible to train. With rare exceptions, which include our Park, we have Patagonian rabbits that eat from the hands of the guests of the Park. Come to visit us to meet two mara — Krutik and Vertik! One hour in the company of wild animals gives you the strength to spend a week in the company of humans!