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The European roe deer

The European roe deer (lat.Capreólus capreólus), she is a roe deer or a wild goat, is an artiodactyl animal of the deer family. The peculiarity of the latter is that the size of their representatives is completely different — for a pood in the size of a hare to for elk in the size of a horse. The wild goat is the ancestor of the modern domestic goat (lat. Capra hircus). Until the middle of the twentieth century, roe deer lived throughout the European continent. Together with industrial hunting for wild goats, deforestation and the expansion of agricultural land, their range has narrowed to nature reserves. 

Body constitution

In the deer family, the roe deer belongs to miniature representatives. So, the length of the body of a wild goat is 100-125 cm, the height at the withers is 60-80 cm, and the body weight is 20-30 kg. The coat is short, dense, sheds twice a year — in spring and autumn. The antlers are in comparison with large deer, in wild goats they are short — 15-30 cm in length, 10-15 cm in span. They are lyre-shaped. 

The color of the European goat is monochromatic, in winter it is gray or grayish-brown, in summer it is light brown or red. The lower part of the body is yellowish cream. At the base of the tail is the so-called mirror — it is white.


Way of life

Wild goats live in mixed and deciduous forests, and in the forest-steppe. They feed on pasture, their diet includes 900 species of plants typical for the European continent: grasses, shoots, leaves, bark of trees and shrubs, as well as mosses, lichens, lycopods, ferns and mushrooms. The roe deer compensate for the lack of minerals by licking the salt marshes. Kozuli are diurnal in summer and winter, and at night in spring and autumn.

Wild goats are social animals, except the season of raising a new generation — in summer, during this period roe deer show their individual character and territorial affiliation. 

The mating season of this species of reindeer takes place in winter, in contrast to most congeners, which reproduce in summer. The life span of a wild goat is 10-12 years.

European roe deer in Animal Park

Although wild goats are quite domestic, they willingly communicate with the guests of our park. Their presence delights children — these are such strong positive emotions that children will remember for a lifetime. This is how the correct attitude of children to nature is formed — through admiration for them and care for our smaller brothers.