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Noses (lat. Nasua), they are also coati — predatory mammals, the largest representatives of the raccoon family, endemic to two continents of the New World. The peculiarity of the nose is described in its name — this is the front part of the upper lip and elongated nose, which form a characteristic proboscis. The purpose of the proboscis is to get insects and their larvae under the bark of trees. Nosе is ideal for keeping at home. It is easily tamed, and its behavior is admirable for children. 

Body constitution

Nose is a fairly large pet, it can be compared to a medium-sized dog, for example, a husky. The length of the body of the nose is 40-61 cm, the length of the tail is longer than the body. The limbs are disproportionately short in relation to the long body. The coat is of medium length, hard, uniform throughout the body. The color of the outer parts of the body is reddish-brown, gray or black. The internal parts of the body — the belly and limbs from the inside — are also painted in black-brown-gray-red, only in darker shades. On the tail, black and brown colors alternate, forming rings characteristic of raccoon.


Animal Park – Носуха


In the wild, noses live in tropical forests, found on the outskirts of the Atacama Desert, the driest desert on Earth. They feed mainly on food of animal origin, but can diversify their diet with wild fruits. Females live in groups of 5-40 individuals, males are solitary. Noses lead a daytime lifestyle, in contrast to raccoons, which are active at night. Pregnancy lasts about 2.5 months, 2-6 babies are born once a year. Life expectancy of nose is 8-14 years.

Noses in Animal Park

Coatis are one of the most communicative pets in our Park. They are artistic, curious and friendly — this is the key to their popularity with children. Children, interacting with such exotic animals, discover the diversity of the animal world. Surprise and friendliness — these emotions people experience in the presence of noses — bring up in children a caring attitude towards animals. Come to visit us, you will return home enchanted by our long-nosed pupils!