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Small goats

Small goats are amazing animals they attract people’s attention and move them. Cameroon goats are popular in many countries around the world. This breed is highly appreclated by fans of various exotic animals and farmers who are engaged in livestock to produce meat and milk. Cameroon goats live in the Humid Tropics. They can be found at a distance from Liberia to Sudan. Here, almost every farmer has 5-6 representatives of the breed. They graze in the streets and near houses. These goats are also very popular in America. In these parts cameroonian and nigerian goats is a fairly common breed. Cameroon goats living in the wild travel in large groups, making it easier for them to avoid predators. Moreover, they survive where other animals die of starvation. The excellent breed productivity is due to strong immunity. Thus, animals are resistant to most diseases.

Mini goats are distinguished by their friendly nature. They love attention and love to climb trees and jump high. It is worth noting that such a breed is easy to train. The negative feature of these goats is stubbornness. This feature appears when the animal is frightened. Also, representatives of this breed do not like to be alone. Cameroon goats are very unpretentious and do not have an unpleasant smell. Though their homeland is Africa, the animals can withstand frosts, being in the normal shed with warm bedding of straw. The interesting fact: in Africa, tigers are very fond of catching mini goats, but absolutely not to eat it, but only in order to drink their milk. After quenching their thirst they do not kill the goats but let them loose.