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Dwarf rabbits

The origin of dwarf rabbits is not clearly known, but there is speculation that this breed was formed by mating a white downy bunny rabbit and fine silver one. Today there is a wide variety of colored dwarf rabbits with different colors and patterns, thet correspond to large, medium and small breeds of shorthaired and longhaired dwarf rabbits. The average life expectancy of the dwarf rabbits is 7-8 years. Dwarf rabbits are those rabbits weighing less than 1500gr. It the weight is greater they are considered decorative rabbits. Dwarf rabbits are very popular as pets, they are friendly and playful. These lovely creatures like to play with children. Rabbits are is very clean and quite intelligent animals. With proper care they learn to respond to the nickname, respond to the command "no" and go to the toilet only in the space provided.

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