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Black Swan

Black swans are bred in zoos all over the world. They live in Australia and Tasmania, imported to New Zealand, where they got acclimatized. They build nests on the water from reeds and other plants. They lay 3-7 eggs which are incubated by the parents in turn. Couples are created for a lifetime. They feed on plant food - leaves, stems, roots, collecting it in water at a shallow depth. Swans can not dive into the water dive into the water they just dipped their heads.

The black swans have a loud voice they greet each other by raising and lowering the head. Sometimes they swim to the middle of the pond put the head into the water and far heard is their trumpeting. Unlike many water birds and other species of swans the black swan is not a migratory bird. In most cases black swans spend their entire life in the same region where they were born and have grown in response to changes on the water level.

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