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Polish lynx pigeons

Pigeons The Polish lynx is one of the most popular breeds, developed in the 19th century. Due to its fertility, bright color and original forms of plumage, this breed of pigeons has spread across the European continent. Nowadays, Polish lynxes can be found in dovecotes all over the world. 


The Polish lynx breed is the result of crossing a field and white-headed pigeon, presumably with an admixture of the blood of the now extinct Silesian Dutysh. For selection, such field pigeons were chosen, which had specks on the wing flaps. The breed was bred as a meat breed, but thanks to the original colors and aesthetic body shapes, pigeon breeders keep Polish lynxes as decorative ones. 

Body constitution

Representatives of the Polish Lynx breed have a long body with a stately satura.

  • Body length — 38-40 cm.
  • The wingspan is 100-105 cm.
  • The wax is large and smooth.
  • The beak is thick, of medium length.
  • Body weight — up to 700 g.


Animal Park - Polish lynx pigeons

Color — varied: there are multi-colored, monochromatic gray, black and variegated. The most common color is scaly. In the collections of breeders, there are blue, black, red, yellow colors.

The eyes are small, with a yellowish tint. The periocular rings are thin, flesh-colored. The occiput is straight, rounded. The neck is short, wide, the upper part of the neck is gracefully curved. The goiter is small, the chest is full and wide. The back and tail are short and wide. In general, the body morphology of the Polish lynx gives the impression of a very dense and mobile motley lump of energy. 


Daytime, gregarious, with an abundance of food resources — sedentary. Breeding — Polish lynxes hatch 2 chicks up to 8 times a year. Polish lynxes feed on their own, this is the reason why the breed is willingly bred in the countryside. 

Polish Lynxes in Animal Park

Pigeons of this breed are interesting to watch. They have a magnificent appearance, an active lifestyle, a calm and trusting disposition. Our pigeons are not afraid of people, they eat from their hands and fly back about their business. Come to visit us to recharge the calmness of our pets.