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A Golden Pheasant

A Golden pheasant is one of the most prominent representatives of the pheasant family. The male has a crest of magnificent color, consisting of golden-yellow feathers. The natural bird population lives in China. The species was brought by man to England and Scotland. The first golden pheasants were brought to Europe from China at the end of XIX century.

Pheasants inhabit bamboo thickets in the foothills. Golden pheasants avoid forest, marshy and open countryside. These birds live near agricultural land, appear on the tea plantations and terraced fields. They feed mainly on leaves and shoots of various shrubs, bamboo and rhododendron flowers. Golden pheasants often eat small bugs and spiders. During the day they feed on the ground, and at night sleep high in the trees to escape from predators. Most of the year, the gold pheasants live separately. With the onset of spring their behavior change and they begin to seek partnership.

A golden pheasant is considered a symbol of prosperity, happiness and beauty. In the past golden pheasants were exported to many other countries like exotic birds for zoos.

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