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The yellow crested cockatoo

Cockatoos are divided into two types: large and yellow-crested cockatoo. The main color of the plumage is white with a yellowish tint. They live in the Lesser Sunda Islands and Sulawesi and New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia, on the island of Tasmania and Kangaroo. They inhabit forests, hills, forest edge, bushes necessarily close to the water. They can be found in parks and gardens of large cities (for example, in the heart of Sydney). The basis of their food is fruit, nuts, buds, blossoms, berries, flowers, seeds and roots of grasses, small insects and their larvae. They also like to feast on rice and corn. Their life expectancy is more than 40 years.

They are very fond of swimming in the rain. At dawn they fly to drink to the nearest water source. They spend the hottest part of the day in the shade of the trees. They are excellent in climbing the trees. They do remarkable twists and pirouettes, as though playing fly sideways, and upheaval, and do the other incredible aerial tricks. They are popular very common as domestic pets. They are quickly tamed and very attached to the person. While cockatoos do not have a good capacity for onomatopoeia, they are able to various tricks, often you can see them in circus performances. They can’t talk, but this is compensated funny poses, funny dances and outstanding quickness of wit. They are very clever birds.

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