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Scottish ponies

Scottish ponies come from the north-east coast of Scotland. These ponies are probably the most popular breed in the world. Despite the fact that the origin of the Scottish pony is not clear to the end, it is known that they have lived for many centuries, perhaps since the Stone Age. Scottish ponies can be very easily identified by their short legs, a long tail and a gorgeous mane. Also these ponies have very thick coat, which warms them in the cold season. Their coloring is black and white or dark brown. Despite their small stature, Scottish ponies are very strong animals. The researchers note that, despite the meager size, this pony is the strongest breed of horses. Their character is very soft easy to learn and are in contact with people. They are obedient and intelligent. Most of these horses are very good friends for children. For this reason Scottish ponies are used for medicinal purposes they help to heal the psyche of children.

Scottish ponies are exported all over the world, as they are very stable and easy to adapt and children are fond of them. They are considered ideal horses for kids.

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