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Scottish cattle

Scottish cattle or a Scottish cow. Unlike other cows, Scottish cows are dressed in a double coat. The upper hair has length of more than 30 centimeters, and its surface is greased. Additional protection that preserves the warmth is a soft and warm undercoat. Therefore these amazing cows thrive in mountainous areas. The most common color is red, redish, rarer black, white and fawn. The breed was bred by the residents of the Scottish highlands. It is now widely distributed throughout the world. Despite the apparent similarity to the wild (and domestic), yak, highland Scottish cattle is not it’s a close relative but is a descendant of the European wild bull, or aurochs.

This breed can not be called popular, but it is superior to all the others on the level of exoticism. Scottish highland cattle are very unpretentious, can be easily adapted to a cold climate effectively use the pastures and have calm temperament. This breed is often kept in zoos and nature reserves as attractive pets.

In the summer, when it gets too hot, the cows quickly cast the coat. It seems that the cows "thow off" their shaggy coat. Later, when the cold and dampness return they re-grows.

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