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Ara parrot

These types of parrots are common in South America (Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad). They live in tropical and coastal forests with high and dense vegetation. They avoid human settlements. They eat nuts, small fruits, seeds. They can fly up to 30 km for a favorite food aday. Their lifestyle is active in the daytime, and in the hottest hours they rest in the trees. They usually gather in large mixed flocks. Life expectancy in nature is 35-50 years. In captivity, on average, 60 years, record 79 years.

For the first time in Europe Macaw parrots were imported in the XVIII century. Ara or Macau make their nests on the top of the trees or on steep cliffs, were seen as symbols of heavenly fire. Their long red feathers symbolize the sun. One of the reasons that motivated the Incas to enter the forest in the east of Peru was a desire to take over these bright feathers. As a pet these parrots are popular with people from ancient times. All members of this species are easily tamed and accustomed to human and therefore garrot fanciers like to keep them. Parrots are considered to be the only group of animals, capable of making a meaningful, at least in part dialogue with the person.

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