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Amazon parrot

Amazons parrots are rather large birds, exceeding the average size of parrots, which mainly live in areas of Central and South America and the Antilles. The peculiarity of their differences is the parrot beak and plumage color. The beak of the parrot is powerful, of rounded shape with a sharp edge at the bottom. Amazon is also distinguished by the color of the plumage, it is mostly green in some species there are red spots on the head and tail, in others it is a blue spot on the forehead. The old Amazon has 28 different species. The life expectancy of a parrot is up to 50 years in good conditions of the relevant content, but there are also long-lived.

Amazons are quite unpretentious. They easily adapt to any conditions, and are not afraid of man, even on the contrary, feel good in his company. In the wild, they are also quite trusting. More than other parrots they love to swim and play in the water, the main thing is to give the bird the opportunity regularly bathing and showers, especially in the summer heat. Amazon parrot is a speaking bird. Tamed parrots can memorize and recite a large number of words and sounds, as they have a good memory. They boldly demonstrate their talents to any public. They love and know how to attract attention to themselves.

Amazon parrot — contact zoo Animal Park

Amazon parrot — contact zoo Animal Park

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