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Indian peacock

In many parts of India, the peacock is considered a sacred bird of the goddess of wisdom and of the god of war. Luxurious feathers, the ability to adapt to different conditions and simplicity of this bird was the reason that the peacock has become a decorative bird, which is contained in nurseries around the world. It decorates lot of parks and estates. Peacocks are the most luxurious birds in nature. It may seem very strange, but these gorgeous birds are the closest relatives of chickens.

Everyone knows how luxurious lookg peacock tail feathers. The male reveals its tail fanned out not only when it wants to attract the female’s attention, but sometimes it just does it without any purpose. Luxury feathering appears when the male reaches three years of age. Both the female and the male have a tuft of hair on their heads like a crown. Traditional Indian peacocks live about 20 years. They feed on grains, fruit, insects, snakes and mice. As the domestic birds they are mainly fed the same as the chickens.

Interesting Facts

  • The tail of the peacock male consists of 200 cover spotted feathers.
  • The peacock reveals a luxurious tail and showing off, walks in front of a female. Wind hinders keep the tail straight, so it seems that the peacock stirs it.
  • Peacocks begin to scream if they feel the changes in the weather, namely before the rain. The sound emitted by peacocks is not like the chirping of birds it is like the loud cry of the cat.

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