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Black crested Mangabo

The name Mangabo these primates have received by mistake. This word derived from the name of the port located on Nosy Be Island, near Madagascar. Apparently, the first animals of this species were shipped from the port to Europe. Their habitat is Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. This species lives in the trees. They prefer to stay at the height from 12 to 30 meters from the ground. With a lack of food at the top they can risk to go down to the ground. There us facial expressions, body posture and the position of the tail in order to communicate. They live in groups of 9 - 16 animals during feeding. They rest and sleep in bigger groups up to 40 individuals. Young animals comb fur of senior ones at every opportunity. This gesture is a sign of affection. They feed on fruit and seeds. In addition, from 1 to 30 percent their diet consists of small animal. White-eyelid Mangaboys make loud sounds. They are harsh and long and help to keep in touch with the group. Most often, they are heard in the morning. These primates sleep in a sitting posture, tail branch.

The Mangabo are the most widespread primates for keeping at home. Tamed monkeys constantly communicate with people, play with children, and are considered one of the most sociable pets. These funny monkeys are one of the most gentle and gregarious primates on this planet. Mangabo by their nature are originally tamed in zoos they contact with people with case, wear different clothes and diaper without problems.

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