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Chickens feather or Chinese silk

Among the huge variety of representatives of the chicken family there are very exotic specimens. They are Chinese silk chickens. Many different legends and facts are connected with their origin. This is a very ancient breed, the first representatives of which were bred in China.

There are several subspecies of Chinese decorative chickens, depending on plumage color: white, black, blue, red, yellow and others. The name of the subspecies indicates the basic color, which should be present in the color of a hen. However, poultry farmers fans need to remember that the main feature of the breed of these chickens is not the color of the plumage, its softness that resembles wool or scalp.

Chinese silk chickens are bred first of all for decorative purpose because they are absolutely amazing. Down chickens are frost-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Representatives of this breed are very affectionate and friendly. Perhaps it is difficult to find another bird which you would like to stroke and pat as a silk chicken. But the surprising thing is that these birds like such treatment, and they gladly sit in the hands of their owner.

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