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Cochin China chickens

A dwarfish Cochin China is a decorative breed of chickens of Chinese emperors. Initially this bird was bred only in the summer palace of the Chinese emperor. A pair of such chickens called "Beijing Bantam" was presented to the Queen of England in 1860 as a sign of reconciliation after the end of the Anglo-Chinese War. From England dwarf is Cochin China spread widely throughout Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

Chicken is not a small copy of ordinary Cochin China, it is an independent breed.

Its distinctive feature is soft plumage resembling down. Hens look more massive then cock. The bird quickly becomes tame it is a calm reliable brood-hem. The breed is very proper for cultivation in small paddock, also in zoos.

Colouring of plumage can be varied: fawn, white, black, striped, blue and so on. Due to the abundant soft plumage and round shape Cochin China dwarfs look massive and round. The body is short, broad, deep, slightly inclined forward. The figure is low, stocky. The plumage of the waist is very lush, the tail resembles a ball. A small head, small leaf-shaped ridge. It seems that the bird "creeps", and does not go, because its feet are not seen.

Cochin China dwarfs is a breed, which should definitely be paid attention to. The reason for this can be only the appearance of the bird. Among poultry farmers, Cochin China dwarfs are considered the most beautiful in the world.

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