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Mandarin Ducks

This cute duck certainly cannot be confused with any other. The unusual shape of the body and the bright colors give it a special appeal and mark out from among a variety of other animals. Duck Mandarin is considered one of the most beautiful duck in the world. And such an interesting nickname it received because of its colorful plumage - in China noble and well-dressed princes were called mandarins. Mandarin duck weighs only 400-700 grams, and lives only in East Asia and China, can be found in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. But from the XVIII century mandarins got acclimatized in the United Kingdom, Ireland, as well as in California, USA. Life expectancy in the nature is 3-6 years, in captivity - up to 12 years.

The wedding attire of mandarin male is striking. It seems it has combined all the colors of the rainbow. This plumage males, wear almost all year - from September to July. Females are considerably fragile their attire is not as bright. Another significant difference between these beauties - mandarin ducks do not quack like most other ducks, but rather a squeak or whistle softly. Their favorite food is acorns and frogs, fish, and even some of the plants. Unlike other ducks, mandarin ducks nest high in the trees. Their hollows may be placed on the 6-meter height. Incredibly, the little ducklings that jump out of the nest remain safe and sound. For their first flight they use more undeveloped wings and webbed feet.

  • Mandarin is the only duck that can not interbreed with other species. The number of chromosomes in her is less than the number of chromosomes in other species.
  • Male, replacing a regular wedding attire becomes very similar to the female. You can distinguish it only by a red beak.
  • Previously, people in China gave each other a couple of mandarins, as a symbol of marital fidelity. But in fact, this tradition is not connected with reality, since mandarins annually look for a new partner.
  • Mandarins arrange nests in hollows. Acorns are an important and valuable source of nourishment for them for a long time.

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