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Pigeons peacocks

Pigeons of breed peacocks have got its name because of the tail, resembling the tail of a peacock. An interesting feature of the representatives of this breed is the behavior of individuals in an excited state, in which the bird spreads its tail like a fan. At such times, the dove puts down his head back, almost touching the tail and bulges its breast. Putting the beak on the neck, the males often strain their stubby legs, staying only on the fingers resembling the peacock even more in whose honor their breed was named.

Over the years the breeders have increased this similarity to the maximum that made the bird one of the most elegant and exotic. Chic tail feathers of white, black or other colors are a constant attribute of the breed. They fascinate by their elegance, temperament, fecundity, and are one of the oldest breeds that was bred in India.

The breed belongs to the decorative and they are grown mainly for beauty. Peacocks fly poorly, however, in spite of the lost ability they are still one of the most popular breeds, the standard of beauty and the subject of love.

Pigeons peacocks — contact zoo Animal Park

Pigeons peacocks — contact zoo Animal Park

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