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Northern raccoon or a “rinser” raccoon, ordinary raccoon is a  native inhabitant of Central and North America. It was imported and domesticated by people from many countries. Raccoons live not far from people. Raccoons eagerly dig in the debris, looking for edible products. Known in Ukraine by nickname “poloskun” (rinser) is associated with an interesting biological feature of the animal, who often living near the water likes "to rinse" its food in it. But in the wild raccons do not occur in Ukraine. The raccoons are widely known to the public due to circus programs and cartoons.

Raccoon-like raccoon dog has a sturdy body, short legs with long moving fingers and sharp claws. The tail is bushy. The fur is thick and long, yellowish-gray with a dash of black. From the forehead to the tip of the nose runs black-brown stripe, and black and brown spots around the eyes. They usually go, but may run. When are in danger they can reach speeds of 24 km / h. The raccoons have remarkable night vision and acute hearing. They are very agile climbers and perfectly climb trees. Life expectancy is up to 16 years. The raccoon is a very interesting, active, courageous and intelligent.

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